impossible is just an OPINION


Consistency = “consistent behaviour or treatment”. When it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, being consistent with the positive changes you make to your lifestyle is the key.

the body ACHIEVES what the mind believes

With the right mindset you can achieve things you never dreamed of or things you did dream about.

Success Stories

What our Clients say

Lorenzo is an awesome trainer and is perfect for what I need. Someone who is professional, kind and respectful, yet serious, knowledgeable and about results. He is always on time, responsive and very helpful when I have questions or need guidance.

Monica B.

Great Trainer, every workout he pushed me to a new level!! I lost 13 pounds in one month. I couldn’t be more satisfied & thankful to have a Trainer who really knows his Craft!

LC. H.

Mr Everhard wanted to know my goals and once that was established he mapped out a plan to achieve them. He was not only an aggressive trainer he motivated me even when I thought I couldn’t do it. I now look at training not only as looking good and keeping fit but as a lifestyle. He changed my life

Antoinne K.

I started my workout journey with Lorenzo in December of 2018. He has helped me find motivation to stay consistent and I’ve seen incredible results. Not only am I more fit, but I feel a much higher level of confidence. I would recommend Lorenzo to anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and fitness lifestyle.

Chris J.

Zoe has been great to work with! It’s been a little over a month and I have see visible results! I am very satisfied with his services!

Jay H.

Lorenzo made sure to develop a workout strategy that met the goals I outlined for him. He’s always reachable and easy to book online.

Andrew R.

2 years ago, I had single heart bypass surgery, I had a 99% blockage, while my weight didn’t cause the blockage, it worsens it. Sugar became my comfort food after surgery, my weight topped at 311lbs. In May I hit 140lbs lost! I feel so accomplished, like I’ve been given a new chance.  And as Lorenzo told me, ‘Welcome to your body and new life!’

Laura H.

Training with Lorenzo was a pleasurable experience. I had hesitance to work with a trainer because I felt intimidated. However, he made the training simple. He explained thoroughly what I was instructed to do, and why. I had results from our first session. And the results got better with each session. I recommend him on a regular basis. And my wife is in love with my results, she can’t keep her hands off of me.

Jason F.

Working out with Lorenzo all the way through my first pregnancy kept me active, fit, healthy, and overall, better prepared for labor and delivery. My L&D experience was definitely impacted for the better by the strength and flexibility I gained in training. My postpartum recovery was easier than I’d expected, too, and I’m excited to be working with Lorenzo now in my second pregnancy.

Bethany M.

I have been working out with Lorenzo for 6 years and he has changed the way I look and feel. I always jokingly say I hate him when he pushes me, but I know he is making me be my best in the gym. I am one of Lorenzo’s older (ahem) clients and I am really, really strong now and proud of it. I look forward to our sessions, not only for the workout, and the emotional well being that comes with it, but also because Lorenzo is such a nice person and so easy to be with. And we laugh a lot.

Nancy L.

I have worked with Lorenzo for over 14 years, and my sessions, despite post-chemo neuropathy and arthritic hips, make me feel so much better that I miss them when I am on holiday. lorenzo brings a blend of skill and a friendly, pleasant manner to his work. I especially like that, owing in no small part to our sessions, I can still ski."

Diane R.

Awesome Trainer, the workouts have pushed me to a new level!! I lost 60 pounds and gained a substantial amount of muscle. The meal plan was easy to follow and effective. I couldn’t be more satisfied & thankful to have a Trainers who really knows what his Craft!

Jermone W.

progress takes place outside the comfort zone

With the right mindset you can achieve things you never dreamed of or things you did dream about.